Creating a win-win to SMEs and financial intermediaries

Our product suite as been designed to reduce information asymmetries between SMEs and the financial system - unlocking more capital, and benefiting the real economy on a systemic level.

Credit Passport is available to resellers seeking to increase loyalty and stickiness for their customers or members, and to give them a tangible value added service. It is available as a co-branded service, or as an embedded element to be used inside a partner site.

The Credit Gateway API allows us to make the Credit Passport score instantly available via an API.

There are two options - partners that already have Open Banking data, where we process that to deliver the score, or partners that would like us to provide the consent step to collect OpenBanking data as a white- label step within their flow.

Where end-customers are not available, a fully automated financial-model-only score is also available.


  • Banks & Building Societies

    Deepen the relationship with SME customers, by allowing them to have a dialogue around credit decisions in detail using Credit Passport as a 3rd party score.

    • A way of offering value to the best customers presenting them with tangible and relevant business tool
    • Help your SME portfolio improve their credit profile as they better understand the factors that impact their probability of default
    • Support and be seen to support the best SMEs with cobranded Credit Passport certificates and badges
    • Benefit from partner reseller options to add a new revenue scheme
  • Challenger banks & alternative lenders

    Using Credit Gateway API, lenders can understand the most accurate and up-to-the minute picture of an SMEs credit risk. This means no asymmetry of information and the ability to better price products and reduce time-to-decision.

    • For lenders that already have internal scoring systems, adding Credit Passport as an additional component increases accuracy
    • The PD is based on the Basel II definition of default and mapped to the Moody’s rating scale to allow the repackaging of SME loan portfolios for securitisation
    • We directly introduce highly targeted lending offers to direct Credit Passport customers, integrated with their origination process, so it also provides an additional source of leads and reduces effort on the lending side by directly passing digital information required for the application
    • Portfolio monitoring – because the OpenBanking connection is ongoing once connected, the credit score is not obtained once on application but continues to update for the length of the relationship. This allows lenders to monitor their portfolio for proactive risk management plus to offer additional products to SMEs as their risk profile evolves
    • Lenders can also present their customers with the free Credit Passport score, and redirect them to the Credit Passport Dashboard for more information. This increases SME loyalty and creates a sticky feature in what is normally a one-hit relationship
  • Platforms & fintech

    By placing a credit score up front in a market place or comparison platform, intelligent filters can be added to ensure that users only are presented with relevant and obtainable credit offers.

    Our rich data API exchange also means that users could apply with massively reduced effort by sending the information package to the lender with a single click.

    Additionally the Credit Passport badge can be embedded in the users platform dashboard to create a sticky experience as well as allow the platform to suggest new relevant offers as the credit score changes over time.

    Examples for platforms that would benefit from Credit Gateway and Credit Passport are:

    • Finance Comparison platforms
    • Procurement platforms
    • Trade finance platforms
    • Intelligent cashflow tools
    • Cloud accounting tools

    And anywhere else where SMEs come to interact with their finances.

  • Trade associations & other organisations

    Credit Passport enables trade and boosts business for SMEs. We have special packages for trade associationsand other organisations that reach a number of SMEs.

    Credit Passport is a great way of providing a relevant value added service to members or clients that can improve the success of an SME, and create a talking point with the organisation around tangible steps to improve.

    Options include reseller packages, co-branded partnerships and negotiated group discounts for members.


We are fully regulated by the FCA as an Account Information Services Provider, in fact, one of the first 6 companies to hold this honour.

We are also part of the Crif S.P.A. family of companies, one of the world’s largest credit bureaus, and rated 35 in the global FinTech rankings* meaning we operate to the highest data and technology standards possible.

Our platform is created from scratch as a scalable enterprise cloud system on Microsoft Azure, providing best in class security and speed. Our APIs are created to be loved by developers. We provide off-the-shelf products plus custom integrations with a true partnership approach.


  • Authorised and regulated by the FCA, number 791914
  • Part of the global CRIF S.P.A family of companies
  • Best practice data security Fully encrypted at transport and rest, using 256-bit encryption.
  • By policy, all our systems pass the highest level Penetration Testing and Security Scans before and after release.
  • Ethos of transparency and partnership with all our customers and clients.

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