SMEs are an essential element of the UK economy and access to credit is imperative to their growth.

However, the sector is the least well served by the financial sector restricting vital access for credit.

The lack of an effective standardised and transparent credit scoring system means the sector is underfunded and competition is stifled.

We have responded by creating Credit Passport®, a real time credit report used by Banks, Alternative Lenders and Comparison Platforms to provide the most accurate and current view of an SME’s credit quality.

Because of Credit Passport’s industry recognised standard, and its clear and concise output, it facilitates accurate pricing of credit - speeding up decision making and improving the flow of credit to SMEs accross the board.


A group of passionate innovators with extensive experience in the Banking, IT and Rating Agency sectors, developing sophisticated analytical products aimed at improving the life of small businesses.

Founded in the UK in 2013 as Credit Data Research Ltd, an independent FinTech, we are now proud to have as shareholders CRIF S.p.A. and Moody’s Analytics, making us the only company in the world to have a board consisting of experts in large corporate credit ratings, personal credit ratings and SME credit scoring.

The firm has an international footprint, in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK and has already partnered with other like-minded businesses to power credit decisions and increase transparency in the SME lending space.



CDR Ltd. formed


First Credit Passport sold in Italy


Moody’s Analytics became CDR shareholders

Introduced Credit Passport Badge


Reached sales of 2000 Credit Passports in Italy


Nesta Challenge 1st round award winner


Acquisition of EuroCons, now CDR Italia, taking staff to 120


Creation of CDR Realtime Ltd.


Sales of 4000 Credit Passports in Italy, with 15 partner banks


Launch Credit Passport in France, Spain and Germany


Nesta Challenge 2nd round award winner


One of the first six companies to be authorised by the FCA as an AISP


Nesta Challenge 3rd round award winner


CRIF S.p.A. became CDR shareholders


Successfully connected to the CMA9 banks using Open Banking


Launch of creditpassport.com


We are officially recognised by the FCA as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP). This certification means we are able to offer a full range of safe credit scoring products in the UK and Europe.

In 2017, the Competition & Markets Authority and the 9 biggest banks in the UK tasked Nesta to create a global challenge prize to bring innovation and disruption to the banking world. We are very proud to have been selected as a winner of the prize in May 2017, December 2017 and again in May 2018, giving us insight, access and data to become one of the major players in the OpenBanking environment.