Get a Credit Passport live web badge

For the first time, SMEs can easily demonstrate their credit quality to customers, clients, landlords and their supply chain, with a secure, live Credit Passport badge.

  • Show your real-time rating
  • Prove that you will still be trading in future months and investments with you are low risk and high quality
  • Extend payment terms
  • Secure new business by showing you are a trusted and reliable partner.
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How it works

The badge works with a simple 'embed code' - much like embedding a YouTube video on your website.

This means it is update in real-time as your score changes. However, if your score falls below a B, your badge will simply show the Credit Passport logo instead of your score, so you do not have to worry about communicating a lower score on your website.

How to get a Credit Passport badge:

A choice of sizes to fit any space.

Designed for your website - but also fully sharable in social media and with a printable certificate.

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