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Credit Passport V2 Help

Credit Passport version 2 is here!

Welcome to the new and improved version of Credit Passport. This article is for users of Credit Passport version 1, and will help you with any questions relating to getting set up with version 2.

by Credit Passport

First, what's new in Credit Passport version 2?

There are some great new features, some user experience upgrades and an entirely new technical foundation that will enable us to release new features on a regular basis.
  • Your score now updates in real-time, so - check back regularly to see any changes. 
  • There is a new 'Offers' page, where our partners can streamline your application to Bounce Back Loan schemes and CBILS schemes - as well as other trusted partners who provide expert services to UK businesses.
  • Improved ‘Manage Account’ section, where you can set notification preferences, update your bank connections and contact details, and see the details we hold on file for you.
  • You can still log in and generate your Covid-19 Pre-Crisis Credit Report, in an updated C19 Tools page.


Questions about moving from version 1 to version 2:


Q: Why do I have to reset my log in password?

A: We always operate all of our systems with maximum security.  This means that all your log in passwords are fully encrypted, and are completely unaccessible to us or our systems.  This means though, that as we have moved from one technical environment to a new one, we cannot copy across your password, and have to ask you to create a new password.

Q: How does I reset my password?

A: Just follow these three steps:

  1. Click 'Sign in' at the top, or in the main navigation, then click 'Forgot your password'. (or just click the link we have emailed you)
  2. Enter the email address you used when you created your account.
    If it matches one on our system, you will receive an email almost straight away with a link.  (if it doesn't come through, check your junk or spam mailboxes.  If it is not there, it may be that the email on our system is different to the one you have entered)
  3. After clicking the link, enter a new strong password twice and press Save.
    Now you are ready to sign in using your new password!

Q: I signed up twice in version 1.  Which email address should I use?

A: Our new system prevents multiple accounts with the same company, so if we found two accounts with the same company, we have used the details in the most recent account.  Get in touch if you need to edit the linked email address.



Q: I had connected a bank previously, but it says I need to reconnect my account. Why?

A: There are a few different reasons this may have happened:

  1. The account was connected more than 90 days ago.  It is a feature of Open Banking that every 90 days the connection will need to be refreshed.  Refresh is basically the same as when you connected the first time.
  2. There are some bank account connections we were not able to move from the old system to the new one, so we are asking those customers to refresh on first log in, even though 90 days may not have elapsed since last time.

Q: How do I reconnect my account?

A: To launch the reconnect flow, there are three different options.  Either a popup will prompt you, you can press 'Manage' above your bank account list on the bottom right of your score tab within your dashboard, or click Manage Account, and select the Manage Bank Accounts tab.
Once launched, you simply need to press 'Reconnect Now' to be shown the consent screen, and then 'Agree' to be transferred to your bank online banking or app to log in.
After you have reached your bank screen, log in with your bank (remember, at this point you are signing in to your bank directly, and we cannot read your password).  Select the accounts you wish to share. (This should be all of the business accounts you hold with that bank) - and press Confirm (or Accept).

Q: I want to connect a different bank as I no longer bank with the provider shown in the list.

A: Follow these simple steps:

  1. Press Manage next to bank account list.
  2. Select 'Delete Data'.  This will then show you some information explaining the impact of this.
  3. Once the data is deleted, you will be prompted to connect a different bank.  Please select your new bank from the list and continue.

Q: I have more than one business bank account. Which shall I connect?

A: You can already select multiple accounts from within one bank.  We are working on functionality to connect more than one bank relationship simultaneously.  In the mean time, please select the one that you use the most for your business banking, and select all of the business accounts that you hold with them.

Q: I have a problem connecting Barclays using my phone

A: We are aware of an issue with some Barclays users using mobile, where you may be redirected to the Barclays Mobile Website, rather than mobile app.

If this happens, please log in if you can to the Barclays mobile website.  If you do not have your details with you, you may find it easier to complete the process on Credit Passport on your desktop device.




Q: I had a score before, but now it tells me I have to wait more days to see my score. What shall I do?

A: We now need a minimum of 3 months transaction history in the linked bank account before your score is visible on your dashboard.  Just check back after the time indicated has passed and your score will be ready to view.   Alternatively you can connect a different bank account that has a longer history.

Q: My score has changed since last time. Why?

A: Your Credit Passport score updates based on your daily transactions.  If there is no active bank connection, then our score will not know about your most recent income. This is why it is important to always keep your bank connections active by refreshing the connection permissions every 3 months. (Don't worry, we will notify you via email when it is time to do so.)

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