Build resilience and get your business credit score in shape

With Credit Passport Plus Plan, discover:

  • What factors are impacting your credit score the most
  • What you can do to increase your score
  • How your financial profile compares to other companies in your sector 
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How it works

Credit Passport looks at two factors to calculate your real-time business credit score.  Your Behavioural activity, that we see from Open Banking, and your filed accounts, if you have them.

In the Improve section, we look at both:

  • Sign up for a Credit Passport credit score on a Plus Plan
  • Visit Improve to see the biggest contributing factors in your score from your bank account and the biggest factors from you accounts.
  • Learn how to structure your finances in a way that gets your ready for borrowing, and for the unexpected.

We pull out important 'key focus' points that you can work on, that will both improve your business credit score, and at the same time help make the strongest, most resilient and financially prepared company.

All points are tailored directly to your business.

Also with Plus Plan... get your Credit Passport badge and certificate

  • Differentiate from your competition with a secure, live website badge
  • Secure new business by showing you are a trusted and reliable partner
  • Download your Credit Passport pdf certificate for suppliers, customers, lenders and landlords

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